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About Me

Shanedra Smith

Writer, life lover, starer


For years, Shanedra has dreamed of being an author. It wasn’t until 2019 that she became closer to her goal–she went to and opened up her first blog, Shanedra Writes too Much. Of course, back then it was dubbed That Nosey Life, but she enjoyed researching and writing about music and some pop culture topics. Fast forward to 2021, where she landed her first professional job with BLKPRENEURSHIP, a company dedicated to writing about the stories of black entrepreneurs. She also works as the site administrator. You can find her talking about writing or story ideas, writing about writing, listening to music, or somewhere in a library reading manga or reading the blurb of a new exhilarating book.

Shanedra also hosts a podcast called Shanedra Talks too Much (clever name, huh!?)

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