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Michael Jackson’s Thriller (40th anniversary edition): my thoughts

A while ago, I was on Spotify and got a notification that a new MJ album dropped.

I clicked on it without hesitation.

To my surprise, I had already heard all the new songs. I just never listened to the new remixes and the demo versions of the songs.

So overall, my opinion on this album is that it’s a timeless classic, obviously, and because of the sensitiveness of this being a work of art performed by none other than Michael Jackson, there will be little to no criticism allowed.

The album cover is simple but mesmerizing.

I haven’t had a chance to see this baby in real life (when is the last time someone has actually purchased a CD anyway), but I hope it has holographic sprinkles everywhere. It matches the flair that MJ had during this impeccable era—straight down with songs like Billie Jean and Thriller itself. MJ was truly that guy.

It was nice to hear the oldies again in that new remastered sound

I’ve always been a Human Nature, Lady in my Life and The Girl is Mine type of girl. So hearing these soft ballads with some quality sounding earphones made the experience even more better. However, this album reintroduced Sunset Driver, originally introduced in his compilation album The Ultimate Collection, the longer version of Human Nature, and some demos. Although some of them were quite bizarre (non-understandable words) they still had a wonderful sound to them.

What did you think? Comment below!


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