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The Blogging Files: Self-rejection

Rejection is a hard topic to discuss.

Rejection hurts. It hurts bad. I recently spent a good amount of time crying over a specific rejection. It left me feeling like a wimp. And the thing is it wasn’t too much about the other person. But it was me.

I rejected myself.

People usually think of rejection as someone else telling you “no” or “I’m not interested. “But I’ve discovered that self-rejection is perhaps the most dangerous and crucial of all rejections.

My aunt gave me some valuable advice days after my rejection. She essentially told me to focus on the self-rejection that I feel. “Keep working on yourself and developing goals and working at them. Then you’ll have a Shanedra that no one will be able to take away.” Since then, the pain is still there, but it’s allowed me to think about another aspect: writing books.

I stopped myself from writing daily. I didn’t go to the libraries and look at books. I didn’t express this passion of mine to others. I was self-conscious about it and decided to hide it.

This is what self-rejection does. It causes you to neglect your greatest desires, passions and motivations to the background and then they become non-existent.

I don’t have immediate remedies, but I just wanted to talk about this interesting subject. Self acceptance is so vital for all areas of life, and although it won’t be something easy to grasp in the beginning, with each passing day and with work put in, you can learn to accept yourself no matter what people have to say about your blog, book, painting, music, etc.

The one person you need to impress is you. So make sure you do it everyday!

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