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Something’s just not right with these music shows…

I recently listened to two podcasts talking about the Grammys that took place this weekend (never knew about it.)

One thing that really irritated me was the weird performance between Sam Smith and Kim Petras, of their song called ‘Unholy’.

I saw a snippet of the performance and it looked something like a satanic ritual. It was uncomfortable, weird and I am glad I only watched a few seconds of it via the podcast.

In my opinion, celebrity culture is starting to show its true colors and the world is starting to see that the music industry is ran by people who mean no good for society. Anyone who can agree and run something as sinister and evil as that has to have some kind of satanic ties.

I think its weird, demonic, ad more of a reason not to support or consume celebrity culture anyway. It’s all weird and I’ve decided to really pay attention to the celebrities I am looking at and not allowing them to influence my life. And another weird thing that’s happening in the celebrity world is that men who are pretending they are women are being treated as higher than actual women.

Kim Petras is also a biological male and got surgeries to appear as a woman, transgender as it’s called, and he won a category made for women.

As I wrote in my last post, we are going to have to make sure we stay solid on truth and the true definitions of words, because the culture today is actively and aggressively trying to change definitions of words.

There is definitely a change in the entertainment industry’s atmosphere…

What did you think of the Grammy performance? Comment below!


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